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Inverness Elementary School is making telephone contact /email contact/social media contact with parents to schedule appointments for student registration.  

If you have not been contacted, please call the school for an appointment. All students must be registered for the upcoming school year.


 Rosser Early Learning Center is as follows:  

Provide registration documents at the site closest to you or bring all registration documents to the Administration Bldg located at 702 Hwy 82 East in Indianola.  

You may also call 662-887-4919 for Mrs. Reynolds or Ms. Velma Hall. 

Dear IES Families, Students, and Staff:  

It is my hope that this letter finds each of you safe and well. Thank you for your patience and the words of encouragement I have received in passing, via phone calls and texts, and emails as our school adjusted to changes brought on by COVID-19. As the situation continues to change, we will continue to adjust and modify our plans to make sure we are putting student safety first.

We didn’t choose to have our school closed; our carefully constructed plan of success to grow every student with a goal of becoming an “A” school halted in its tracks. At this very moment, there are so many questions swirling through our own heads about education at IES post COVID-19. What impact will this have our students, our families, our community, and our teachers and staff? There’s even more uncertainty around when teachers and students will be allowed to return to school—and what IES will be like when we do.  

While educating our students is important, I want all of you to know that of greater concern to me right now is that all of our students are safe and well during this time. I wish this for the staff, parents, and the community of Inverness as well.  

Secondly, while what we are experiencing right now is an inconvenience to a great majority of us, let us not think selfishly because there is some good in it as well. So, let's use this extra time to spend some time with our families, friends, neighbors, and get to know someone we don't already! Let our interactions be filled with kindness, generosity, patience and encouragement. While this may be an uncertain time, we can choose to help spread hope and not fear, to be there for others, and to be a difference maker to each other and in our community.  

Please take advantage of the learning resources provided via the links below as well as those shared on our district website. You are welcome to contact teachers via phone or email with any questions you may have.  

Again, education is indeed important, but I am thinking about even more important matters during this crisis, namely IES students’, families’, and staff’s health and well-being. Please take care and follow the advice of experts. We WILL get through this!  

Should you feel the need to reach out to me, please don’t hesitate to call or email me at  

Stay Safe, Principal Singleton